Stake | Return On Rent

Why give

Cash Back

to Renters?


Cash Back


Cash Back

Why give


to renters?




Sign more leases, increase renewals, and make more money with rewards residents love.

Pay your rent on time and get cash back.

  • Pay how you always do
  • Get rewarded for timely payments
  • Transfer rewards anywhere, whenever

Earn a bonus with our savings tools.

  • Tools to save for the future
  • Track your lifetime earnings
  • Keep saving to keep earning

Extra money for security, or just for fun.

  • Transfer instantly, anytime
  • 85% of banks covered
  • No bank? No problem

Clifton Glen Resident

“Customer service is outstanding! You are truly a God send! Thank you so much!”

Spring Estates Resident

"Stake is the best part about paying rent. I have never wanted to make my rent payment more. With money being tight right now, that little bit of cash back helps tremendously."

Spring Estates Resident

“I’m saving my return on rent and Cash Back every month to buy a house.”

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Your residents will love you

Offering rewards with Stake boosts effective revenue while increasing resident satisfaction.



of leases offer Stake


faster leasing


more renewals


lower marketing costs

Reduce economic vacancy today.