Boost renewals up to 15% with the power of "Thank you."

"We renewed early, now we can truly put down roots here."

  • A.I. to guide how much Cash Back to boost renewals.
  • As easy to use as your calendar, automate renewals and offers.
  • Email, text, voice, or in-app, meet your resident renewals where they are.

Personalized rewards get the best response. Resident satisfaction and retention have never been higher.

"I was really touched to get a reward for renewing"

  • Avoid off season renewals by extending a lease.
  • Convert month-to-month leases to long term leases.
  • Early renewals, and even early notices, so you can plan and avoid downtime.

Stake identifies who renews, and when, so rental communities can make smarter decisions faster.

"We saved enough to go on vacation!"

  • Predictive analytics: know the likelihood a resident will stay or go.
  • Manage volatility before it strikes: residents with more savings are more likely to renew.
  • Free membership privileges for residents: offers, deals, and more.

The Impact

Minimize Bad Debt

Decrese downtime

Reduce marketing costs

Reduce make-ready costs

Reduce economic vacancy today.