Including Stake attracts more qualified renters, faster.

"A rental that invests in me? Sign me up! Stood out from all the rest."

  • A.I. to guide how much Cash Back to reduce downtime.
  • Proven listings offers and copy to generate more, qualified, leads faster.
  • Return on Rentâ„¢ and Stake branding to differentiate your property.

Stake makes every step in the leasing journey better, with personalized renter data.

"I prefer properties that reward me. With Stake, I started earning Cash Back as soon as I arrived for my tour."

  • QR codes give instant rewards.
  • Data on your tours, amenities, and impressions of your property.
  • Instant engagement, lead capture and automated post-tour follow-up.

Signed, sealed, rewarded. We close leases faster so you book revenue sooner.

"We signed even faster to get our Stake rewards. We've never felt this welcomed to a new home!"

  • Rewards for submitting an application
  • Welcome gifts: increase conversions with personalized move-in gifts
  • Email, text, voice, or in-app, close the application anywhere

The Impact

Minimize Bad Debt

Decrese downtime

Reduce marketing costs

Reduce make-ready costs

Reduce economic vacancy today.