The power of lease-ups with Loyalty Cloud


The Stake Loyalty Cloud: Fill your properties sooner, with more data, and with happier residents.

We at Stake know that turning leads into leases is hard. So, we created powerful tools to boost resident interest- from the listing, to the tour, all the way to onboarding your new residents.

Easily differentiate your units at listing with Stake’s Return on Rent, and double down with Return on Rent ad campaigns to maximize your properties’ reach. The Loyalty Cloud allows you to send rewards to potential residents before, during, and after their tour with the tap of a button. With customizable rewards at every step of the way, you suddenly have many tools to improve your potential residents’ experience. All communication and rewards sent to renters are saved in the Loyalty Cloud, where there are organized insights into what’s working and what needs a tweak.

Yes, filling up a building is hard. But Stake’s Loyalty Cloud provides a way to increase views, tours, and happy residents like never before- and all with the tap of a button.

Want a sneak peek? Joe (Head of Reward Success) gives us a short tour here.