Sneak Peak: The First Data Driven Calculator For Rental Incentives


“One Month Free” has become a nearly ubiquitous offering in residential and commercial rental markets today. In recent months especially, pandemic-driven price cuts and massive concessions - sometimes as high as three months free (residential) and six months free (commercial) - have become frequent pain points for property managers. When a building down the street increases their move-in offer to two months free, property managers are left with little choice.

Stake is on a mission to change this reality. With our new incentive calculator tool, five minutes can turn into thousands of dollars in savings each month. Check out the video below for a preview of how a Stake Rewards Campaign offering 3.5% Cash Back can outperform “One Month Free.”

If you want to learn more about how Stake can help you power your incentives and concessions with data, contact us and we'll help you get started quickly and easily.