Rewarding your tenants is important now. Here is how you can help.


For landlords and property managers working during COVID-19, the challenges keep piling up. Rent payments may be coming in late, renewals might be sliding, and planned price increases to close the loss-to-lease gap can seem like a long way off, to name a few. Here is what we are doing to help.

Stake will reward your tenants now, for free, until your tenants renew.

This guarantees that landlords can reward tenants today with cash tenants need. In addition, rewards help achieve important milestones for the business, such as:

  • Increased on-time payments
  • Increased renewals
  • Close exposure to vacancy
  • Close the loss-to-lease gap

    Landlords and property managers can choose the reward for upcoming lease renewal, between 1-5% of rent, and Stake covers the reward until the tenant renews. Landlords only pay for the tenants that renew.

    Now landlords have a powerful way to say “thank you” to tenants. Cash always helps, and right now more than ever. Financial wellness, however, is crucial. That’s why Stake gives tenants tools to manage their cash rewards so they earn even more the more they save.

    We call this Return on Rent, and we look forward to helping during this uncertain, and trying, time.