5 questions for Mike Hyde


Tell us a little bit about your background and where you grew up.

I am originally from North Andover, MA but grew up in Nashua, NH. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with my Bachelor's in Business Administration. While in school, I worked in the hospitality industry where I first learned how to work with customers as well as train and lead teams.

From there, my career expanded into the B2B SaaS world. I worked at Bottomline Technologies in Portsmouth, NH where I gained experience helping clients make software decisions that were beneficial for the needs of their company, along with leading and managing a team. The skills that I learned in my role there have allowed me to bring a lot of strengths to my role here at Stake.

What was your first rental and what did you love most about it?

My first rental was in Nashua, NH where I lived in a 4-bedroom house off campus during my college years. What did I love most about this house? It had to have been the great renovations and all the working amenities ;). All jokes aside, what I did love most about this house was all the great memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life, the new freedom, and really is what made me grow up and become more independent.

If you were earning Return on Rent today, what would you save for?

If I was earning Return on Rent today, I would be saving it for my future Yacht, and all the cocktails I will be consuming on it.

What is your favorite part about welcoming and onboarding new property partners?

My favorite part about welcoming and onboarding new property partners is honestly seeing the excitement and positivity that we can bring to these rental communities. Being able to explain our mission and bring something new and unique to the table gives me a great feeling especially continuing to share that with different property partners.

Why do you believe in Return on Rent?

I believe in Return on Rent for many different reasons. First, who wouldn’t want Cash Back for paying rent!? I love helping people and that’s exactly what we are doing in a new and distinctive way. Being able to help renters towards financial wellness is something amazing on its own, and it really is a win-win model here. Being able to help both owners of rental communities and residents is an honor and I cannot wait to see how much we grow.