5 questions for Liam Hecht


Tell us about your previous roles before joining Stake. Why did you decide to join Stake?

Before joining Stake I spent five years working at Teneo, a CEO advisory firm, in their Management Consulting division. At Teneo I worked across a number of industries but spent the majority of my time working with software and technology, FinTech, and financial services clients.

I decided to join Stake for several reasons. First, I'm really excited about the company's mission of helping renters build savings. I've been renting in NYC for five years, so I love the idea of building a platform that benefits both renters and owners of rental communities. I also wanted to be part of a team that's building something new and unique. I'm excited to grow this idea and to bring it to millions of renters throughout the country. Finally, when I met the team I knew it was a special group of people who I would learn from and enjoy working with.

What and where was your first rental?

My first rental was in Murray Hill on 40th and 2nd Avenue in NYC. It was a 1-bedroom converted to a 3-bedroom with some fake walls. The apartment was a bit cramped but filled with great memories and the 1.5 bathrooms were awesome.

Startup growth, art or science?

I think growth is an art to start and a science to scale. In the early days of acquiring users there are so many potential strategies that it's most important to try many to find a set that work. Once you identify successful approaches you can test and tweak each to perfect them.

How should startups working remotely build culture?

Two factors critical to building a strong culture in a remote environment are a clear mission and collaborative communication.

A physical office space provides a sense of community and context. When a company goes entirely remote it's difficult to replicate that community. However, even in a remote environment a clear mission provides a connection throughout the company and gives all team members a common objective to work towards together.

Something I've found challenging with going remote is not having the ability to easily collaborate and share ideas with my colleagues. Sketching out ideas on my whiteboard and brainstorming over Zoom just isn't the same. At Stake we use a mix of Slack, to identify problems and opportunities, Notion, to think through our ideas and write them out, and brief calls to review and iterate on the ideas. This approach has been effective and gives everyone the ability to collaborate and bring ideas to life without endless calls.

If you were earning Return on Rent today, what would you save for?

I'd love to be earning Return on Rent today! If I were, I'd probably save up to go to a Browns football game in Cleveland, this upcoming season.