5 questions for Ishita Chausalkar


You just graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Tell us about your time in college and why you wanted to work for a startup.

Northeastern University posed as my first impression of the United States when I first came in Fall of 2018. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the University long before COVID hit. I will always cherish the various types of people I met here but most importantly the memories I made, studying in the Snell Library or working on-campus jobs, having fun.

For me, working at a start-up is the best way to learn new skills and master the ones you already know. You get to know all parts of the company and are in touch with the product you are working on at all levels. Stake has given me an opportunity to be a full stack engineer as well as the product owner, opening new learning opportunities for me. Northeastern University has made me who I am today and will always resemble home, no matter where I go from here. Go, Huskies!

What was your first rental and what did you love most about it?

My first rental was a 3 bedroom apartment in Fenway, right behind the Fenway Park. The best part about this rental was the neighborhood. It would be hands-down the best neighborhood I have lived in. Since it was near Fenway Park it had the best cafes, restaurants and the most hip bars near college.

If you were earning Return on Rent today, what would you save for?

If I was earning Return on Rent today, I would most definitely be saving for a car. More specifically, the Mini Countryman.

What is your favorite part about being a member of the Stake Engineering team?

My favorite part about the Stake Engineering team is the mobile app I am working on. I really enjoy designing and creating screens on iOS and Android platforms. But more importantly, I really enjoy the vibe there is company wide, among all the teammates. The fact that we are working from home doesn't hinder letting us get to know each other.

Why do you believe in giving cash back to renters?

I believe in giving cash back to renters because let's face it, rent is inevitable. For students like me, who are still early in their careers and cannot afford to be a property owner, getting cash back on rent would be such a great way to save some money.