5 Questions for Dan Wu


Why is affordable housing important to you?

As the first in my family to attend college and raised by a single mother, I saw firsthand how quality affordable housing helped my family survive health shocks and access good schools.

I feel extremely grateful for the opportunities I received as a result of this. Globally, billions did not receive those same opportunities, despite similar talents and abilities.

My ideal world is where meeting basic needs is a given — no more living paycheck to paycheck. That frees up time for people to enjoy their relationships, cultivate their ikigai, and give back to their communities.

As a renter, what would you do with your Return on Rent?

Two things. First, I'd put it towards the stock market with the goal of getting enough for a downpayment in a more affordable city than NYC one day.

Second, I'd like to donate funds to high-impact nonprofits or mission-oriented companies.

You've advocated for Product Led Growth, why is this approach so important?

Serving people. One of my favorite aspects of product is creating delightful experiences so that people can get meaningful value faster. Product led growth is ultimately about organizing businesses around that goal.

Many of today's most valuable technology startups use this approach to drastically improve profitability (as measured by long term value over customer acquisition cost), growth — driven by delighting people.

Why Stake?

Leadership. I wanted to work with people who aligned around three core values, which were compassion, empowerment of others, and enabling of joy.

Stake's leadership — Rowland, Jared, Jimmy, Liam, and Miranda — exhibited those qualities and we all shared the mission to improve housing affordability.

What, recently, have you read that inspires you?

I loved Marty Cagan's Empowered.

In sum, Marty identifies the levers to create truly empowered product teams that serve customers, which ultimately meet business needs.

I highly recommend this excellent book to others.

If any of this resonates, please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin with a short note of what stood out to you: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wu12345/